Gimp Software

  • BIB001
  • Release Date: April 5th 2019
  • $8.99

Limited edition cassette, includes sticker and download. Available exclusively in the U.S. from Rough Trade NYC.

Behold 'Gimp Software', the stupendous debut E.P. from Auckland's art-damaged electro-punks, BIB KIDS. The duo deal in taut machine music, but with a deeply human touch. Electronic drums are played rather than programmed, synths swirl portentously like skies gathering before a storm, and over it all Tash van Schaardenburg intones razor-edged poetry in a voice that veers from detached to fever pitch. These songs exude menace and a muggy sexuality, and although there are nods to post-punk, experimental techno and whichever other genre pigeonholes one may care to reference, BIB KIDS are one of those rare outfits that truly stand alone.They were kind enough to let Rough Trade NYC sell some of their tapes, which are otherwise only available at BIB KIDS shows in their native New Zealand, so snap one up quick, crank the heat to 100 degrees and let the rains come, good people.

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