Black Dice

Natty Light

  • JABS 03
  • Clear Vinyl
  • clear vinyl
  • Release Date: May 17th 2019
  • $22.99

Natty Light comprises all of BLACK DICE's recorded output from 1998-2000, when the band was best known as ferocious bad vibe merchants. The legend of this antagonistic, dizzying, feral band spread quickly through the DIY underground, attracting enemies, devotees, and the attention of punk labels Gravity, Vermin Scum and Troubleman Unlimited. The resulting records—two 7-inch EPs and one 10-inch LP—were described upon release as "incomprehensible," "disintegrating, collapsing thrash," and "Harry Pussy meets Void." For fans of their subsequent experiments on harsh noise, meditation, and rhythm, these blasts demonstrate the band's dawning investment in the physical presence of sound. For fans of uncompromising hardcore, this era of Black Dice remains among the most scathing, damaged examples of the genre. Eighteen tracks, newly remastered for increased volume, clarity and harshness. Includes two compilation songs never available on vinyl prior. Pressed on clear vinyl in an edition of 500 copies.