Morgan Parker

There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce

  • 9781941040539
  • $14.95

Rough Trade Books of the Year 2017 No: 20

The only thing more beautiful than Beyoncé is God,and God is a black woman sipping rosé and drawing alavender bath, texting her mom, belly-laughing in thetherapist’s office, feeling unloved, being on display, daring to survive. Morgan Parker stands at the intersectionsof vulnerability and performance, of desire and disgust,of tragedy and excellence. Unrelentingly feminist,tender, ruthless, and sequined, these poems are an altarto the complexities of black American womanhood inan age of non-indictments and deja vu, and a time ofwars over bodies and power. These poems celebrate andmourn. They are a chorus chanting: You’re gonna giveus the love we need.

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