Yusuke Okada

I Wish You Were Ugly Just Like Me

Yusuke Okada's artwork is like sharing a deeply embarrassing secret for the first time and realizing that it was okay all along and also really funny.

I Wish You were Ugly Just Like Me is a collection of drawings and paintings by Yusuke Okada, a Japanese artist living in New York City who has positioned himself as both a staple and a fringe artist in the independent music scene. This debut monograph is a concise introduction to Okada’s whimsy and wit as a visual artist. The dramas and stresses of city life play out in scenes and portraits of mordant, sometimes-grotesque humor: flagrant and hilarious New Yorker covers from an alternate, genital-obsessed universe; a brief comic strip about the severed lower half of a man, which embarks on a binge of id-indulging bad behavior before being shot by a cop; a series involving a peep hole that is more concerned with the parts unseen. This limited first edition features a hand silk-screened wraparound jacket, as well as an introduction written by Keegan Mills Cooke.

Last year Captured Tracks ventured into new territory to publish a retrospective collection of Yusuke's drawings titled, I Wish You Were So Ugly Just Like Me. Before this release, he self-published several art zines. He has shown his work in New York and Tokyo. He provided the illustrations for Shugo Tokumaru's latest album Toss. He has strong connections with the music world. His artwork can be found on albums, flyers and promotional material in America, Japan and Europe. Yusuke has lived in New York on and off for the past decade. He produces artwork constantly, his style is unmistakable and if you pay attention, you will find his work on the walls of many restaurants, record shops and homes he's come across throughout these years.