Brian Setzer Orchestra

25 Live!

  • MS 856800 S
  • Black Friday 2017 Release.
  • Release Date: November 25th 2017
  • $9.99

This is a Black Friday 2017 item. It will be available to purchase from our store from on November 24th. Remaining stock will be available to purchase from this page at 8am November 25th.

"When I wanted to try another musical idea and put BSO together, people just laughed at me. It feels like I've taken this monumental, impossible task and have been able to do this for 25 years. It's an incredible feeling." - Brian Setzer Brian Setzer has been living and breathing music since he was seven years old when he and his mom popped into a pizza parlor and heard a new band on a jukebox that, in his words, "blew me away." For nearly four decades now, Setzer and his signature Gretsch guitar have been making a sound that legions of fans worldwide love--and likely breathe and live for, too. Sonically, since 1979 Setzer has been swinging from rockabilly to, well, swing, jumping from blues to boogie-woogie, and even adapting compositions by Beethoven and Mozart (the would-be Lennon and McCartney of their day). He's put a stamp--and guitar licks--on myriad genres, all without missing a beat. 2017 marks the milestone 25th anniversary of The Brian Setzer Orchestra (BSO), and what better way to celebrate than with a 12" single LP release! 25 Live! is an exclusive Black Friday Record Store Day release (out 11/24/17), packaged as a neon blue 12" single LP and featuring two never-before-released live tracks by the BSO: "Let There Be Rock" and "Gene & Eddie", this is a must-have for any Setzer or BSO fan!!

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