• PERCD002
  • Digipack
  • Release Date: July 12th 2019
  • $32.99

Cagework is a new project fronted by Sam Bedford. A three-piece formed in South-West England, they draw inspiration from odd lo-fi indie, post-hardcore, early emo and smatterings of avant-garde folk. The band have been together less than a year, playing shows in South London and beyond, releasing one single. And now...

The self-titled debut album is as direct as it is vibrant. Dissonant, atonal, yet somehow hook-driven, its confidence and self-assuredness demonstrative of a band long into the game, not a group only beginning so recently. Cagework were spotted by Justin Lockey (Mastersystem / Minor Victories) who was immediately keen to produce and release the album on Physical Education, a label he co-runs. Evidently, the production on the album has been left as abrasive and raw as Bedford intended: all big drums and Albini influenced discord. The album was intended to be a self-release in early 2019, but through fate and good fortune, the home recordings found their way to Physical Education Recordings.

This album reflects the familiar, pervasive malaise of 2018 and, by the looks of things, 2019. It also responds with a message on the need to reflect, a process the band have spent enough time on to be a relative authority on the issue. Another theme of the record is boredom and how people respond to it, particularly in a time where there are infinite distractions.

LP - 180 Gram Black Vinyl.

CD - Digipack.

Featured in: Albums Of The Month - July 2019