Creative Healing

Low Effort Social Events

  • Release Date: September 28th 2018
  • $7.99

Creative Healing's album Low Effort Social Events. Available here on Cassette.

Low Effort Social Events is the first full-length album from the New England / New York avant-garde collective, Creative Healing.
It feels like the soundtrack to a fucked up movie in which you are lead into a vibrant, whimsical, Fellini-esque circus that spontaneously morphs into an evil cacophony authored by twisted clay puppets, who rhythmically trample over a ball pit of rubber chickens.
Creative Healing's approach to music is like Gertrude Stein’s approach to poetry - each composition paints a charmingly fractured scene, gushing forth as both a dissonant, distressing outburst and a stimulating, pleasurable mediation.
Low Effort Social Events, is a chaotic, syncopated swirl that sweeps you up and carries you to a mystic clearing in the woods where, after a beautiful doe is sacrificed, you are greeted with a deluge of hot rain that promises a bountiful harvest.
There’s nothing quite as enchanting as seeing the band live, but this tape serves as an excellent reenactment.

Tape - Standard Cassette.

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