Depeche Mode


  • A 234300 R
  • LP
  • Release Date: May 27th 2014
  • $20.99

The opener to DM's 10th album, "Dream On," is a close cousin to "Personal Jesus," combining earthy guitar with electrified, pulsating synths. The track's physical and metaphorical imagery poignantly relays the karmic revolution of living the fast life. The brilliant, mesmerizing monster of a tune, "The Dead of Night," swaggers with a giant, crushing industrial beat like a Nine Inch Nails song dressed in glamorous drag, while the ballads "Shine" and "Freelove" are as beautiful as the classic "Somebody" (but entirely unburdened by saccharine sentimentality). Gore's keen ear for shimmering sonics and bellowing rhythm reinvigorates the Depeche Mode-branded synth-pop that's remained unique for the last 20 years.