Hotel California - 40th Anniversary

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  • 2 CD / 1 Bluray Audio. Deluxe edition package that includes the original studio album, ten previously unreleased live recordings as well as hi-res and 5.1 mixes. Presented in a stylish 11 x 11 hardbound book, the set also features rare and unseen photos from the era, a replica tour book and 3 stand-alone posters.
  • Release Date: November 24th 2017
  • $99.99

December 1976 saw the Eagles release one of the most influential rock albums of all time. It was an immediate hit, topping the Billboard charts for 8 weeks in the US, winning 2 Grammy Awards and eventually proceeding to sell 32 million copies worldwide.

In pursuit of note-perfect Hollywood-cowboy ennui, the Eagles spent eight months in the studio polishing take after take after take. As Don Henley recalled, "We just locked ourselves in. We had a refrigerator, a ping-pong table, roller skates and a couple of cots. We would go in and stay for two or three days at a time." With guitarist Joe Walsh replacing Bernie Leadon, the band backed off from straight country rock in favor of the harder sound of "Life in the Fast Lane." The somber "New Kid in Town" ponders the fleeting nature of fame, and the title track is a monument to the rock-aristocrat decadence of the day and a feast of triple-guitar interplay. "Every band has their peak," Henley said. "That was ours."