Edward Rogers

Sparkle Lane

  • ZIP064
  • CD
  • Release Date: January 1st 2015
  • $15.99

Sparkle Lane is the brand-new CD from British-born and current New York resident, Edward Rogers. His third CD is his most personal and exposed piece of work, and is the first where he takes control of writing and production. Through the use of garage band, it enabled the handicapped Rogers to create all the parts and sounds you hear on this album, finally giving him the creative ability to present the completed ideas, music and arrangements to the musicians that became the songs on Sparkle Lane. Rogers takes the listener through a journey of many of his memories — from living in the 60s in Gospel Lane in Birmigham to the cultural differences of living in New York City today. Fact or fiction? It s for you to decide. From Symbols n Mascots, a tribute to Eno-period Roxy Music/Velvets to the live Ronnie Lane/McGuinees Flint feel of Land of the Free to the Burt Bacharach-influenced Whatever You ve Been Told, Rogers reveals an honesty in both his music and his lyrics. Joining him in making this record is producer/guitarist Don Piper; Pete Kennedy; Claudia Chopek; Sal Maida; Joe McGinty; Konrad Meissner, Eleanor Norton and Gary Thomas. Unlike his previous releases, this album was cut in a short ten-day period and mostly with the group of musicians playing the songs live in the studio with very little overdubs. The songs reflect ghosts, spirits, and rumours. Rogers says, hope you enjoy the ride thru life as much as I have — the ups, the downs — and in the end we all follow our own path for tomorrow will never know.