Maggot Brain

  • sew002
  • A Gatefold heavy cardboard 180 gram LP
  • Release Date: November 24th 2014
  • $22.99

Jimi Hendrix's untimely death in September of 1970 left a gaping hole in the funkrock genre With 1971's 'Maggot Brain' Funkadelic showed that they were rightful heirs to hendrix's throne.

This is the album where all at once everything seems to come together for the legendary band. Most obviously the songwriting is sharper and more focused. On their previous releases, epic instrumental compositions dominate, but this time they are much more coherent and less reliant on studio trickery and psychedelic effects, with the exception of the album's closer the instrumental freakout Wars of Armageddon. The stunning title track provides the ultimate vehicle for Funkadelic's late and great guitarist Eddie Hazel, this moving tenminute instrumental has Hazel playing through many peaks and valleys wringing passion from his six string and leaving the listener drained by its conclusion. Another highlight is You and Your Folks Me and My Folks, a song about interracial relationships that is one of Funkadelic's most soulful tracks ever. Maggot Brain is unquestionably one of rock and funk's alltime classics

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