Sonos Play:5-Black

Rough Trade Gift of the Year 2017 No: 2

Sonos Play:5 + Free Vinyl Subscription

For a limited time only, with every purchase of a Sonos Play:5 from Rough Trade, we'll also include a free month subscription to the new Rough Trade Club. The Play:5, Sonos' biggest and boldest home speaker, comes with a line-in to plug straight into your turntable or pre-amp. Control all your music and streaming services from a single app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s easy to set up and allows you to expand your sound system over time.

The Sonos Play:5 fills a large room with pure, brilliant sound. Bold, dynamic, intense sound with deep bass that packs a punch. The sound remains uncompromised whether vertical or horizontal. The speaker comes equipped with ultra-responsive top panel touch controls. The Sonos Play:5 streams over wi-fi, not Bluetooth, so the music never stops – even if you get a phone call. Not only can you stream over wi-fi, but you can also plug in any device you desire. You can also connect Sonos to an Amazon Echo or Dot, then simply request the music you love.

Six custom-designed drivers with dedicated amplifiers. Sonos' Trueplay tuning feature delivers sound that's true to the music and right for the room. Control all your music and streaming services from a single app (on your smartphone, tablet or computer). Easy to set up and allows you to expand your system over time.


Sig deets play5

Superior stereo sound.

You’ll hear each separate instrument, voice, and sonic detail in all its glory. Six Class-D amplifiers with six dedicated speaker drivers deliver crystal clear, rich, deep, stereophonic sound with zero distortion. So go ahead and crank up the volume.

Drivers play5

Bass Response.

Thanks to three mighty woofers and a completely sealed architecture, PLAY:5 delivers big, precise bass response without reverb or echoes.

Play5 aux


Plug in any audio device—from your record player to a friend’s phone—and listen to your favorite music on your PLAY:5. You can also send the music from your PLAY:5 to any other Sonos speaker in your home.

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