Heavenly Music Corporation

In A Garden Of Eden

  • AI-11
  • Release Date: September 27th 2018
  • $23.99

Kim Cascone supplies another ‘90s ambient dream sequence to Astral Industries with a first vinyl edition of ‘In A Garden Of Eden’ [1993] following last year’s ‘Lunar Phase’ reissue.

Originally realised at Cascone’s Silent studios in San Francisco for the Space Age Lounge, “a technomystical chill room in Goa, India”, his Heavenly Music Corporation debut is a typically balmy affair awash with tranquil synths and threaded with tropical field recordings to gently levitating effect.

It sounds very much of its time hearkening back to an era when phrases such as “technomystical chill room in Goa” were bandied around without irony, to a time of innocent MDMA experimentation and ISDN video links, right at the start of the internet, a utopian phase before it all went trip hop and everyone spent evenings waiting for webpages to load. Didgeridoos were very popular, too.

To be fair, you probably had to be there or else that period becomes a smudge of cliches as above, but it’s hard to fault the vibes and aura of Cascone’s recordings on ’In A Garden of Eden’. From the gentle swirl of cowbells and circular berthing synths in ‘Cloud Structure’, thru the patter of tropical rainfall in ‘Ambient To Be Here’, to the erotic gasps and ambient techno thump of the record’s title track and Steve Roach’s concluding acididgeridoo excursion, this album is pure paneer, but not without its nostalgic charms.

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