Holger Czukay


  • CD-GRON-201
  • Release Date: November 30th 2018
  • $15.99

Welcome to Czukay's unique and fantasist musical universe. 1979's Movies is Czukay's first solo album after his departure from Can but his second solo album after 1969's Canaxis. It was recorded with the collaboration of Can family members (Irmin Schmidt, Michael Karoli). This album features 4 original, very distinct, intriguing songs which develops Czukay's aptitude to combine alternative sounds to synth / guitar experimentations (from world to a funk, jazzy felt). taken from diverse sources (tv, radio...) many electronic collages and samplings enrich the compositions and give to them something special, rather unconventional. Discreet, floating pop vocals accompany the instrumental sections. the sound of the album is still fresh and modern. All tracks include a lot of changes and progressions in themes and materials.