Running on a Fence

  • bcr-086
  • Release Date: September 23rd 2018
  • $7.99

Hypoluxo has come out with the perfect post-punk Fall album, Running On A Fence, the aural equivalent of a tree saying goodbye to its leaves. Holding onto this thing that you love and helped grow and don’t let it go until the absolute very end. Remembering this leaf as a blossom, and watching it as it turns from green to orange and brown until it dies, crumbles and falls away. It’s some emotional stuff.

Metaphor aside, this album’s stoic lyrics about betrayal, learning to forgive, and having to accept things the way they are sets the mood for seriously pensive days. Then combined with deep vocals, dreamy guitar, and a steady, hypnotizing beat comparable to New Order, Alvvays and The Cure makes this album a must-listen for your autumn adventures.

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