Jeff Buckley

You and I

  • 88875175851
  • LPx2
  • Release Date: March 11th 2016
  • $36.99

Jeff Buckley#s first recording sessions in 1993 in NYC were largely an informal exercise to acclimate the 27-year-old with recording studio Recently discovered in the Sony Music archives during the research for the 20th anniversary edition of Buckley's?Grace?album, the performances on?You And I?are a revelation, an intimate portrait of the artist performing a variety of cover songs and original music expressing a range of emotion channeled through his singular sensibility. These intimate, raw and spirited sessions mark Buckley#s first time recording versions of electric cover songs such as Bob Dylan#s Just Like A Woman, Sly & The Family Stone#s Everyday People, and Led Zeppelin#s Night Flight# and a previously unissued track, Dream of You And I Long rumored to exist, as the Addabbo sessions but previously unheard outside the studio, these seminal recordings are a fan's Holy Grail, a rare opportunity to hear Jeff Buckley in peak form, developing his artistry through a series of spellbinding solo performances, each one captured in pristine sonic detail.