John Martyn

Bless The Weather

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  • LP
  • Release Date: April 14th 2017
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back in stock for john martyn's lovely 1971 collection, a subtle set of folk jazz exploration topped off with martyn's soulful vocals. Q magazine called it one of the dozen essential folk records of all time. The songs vary from the folkish sounding JUST NOW, to the jazzy John Martyn signature HEAD AND HEART. What comes through from the album as a whole,however, is spontaneity. There is an underlying simplicity in each tune, and every song sounds as if composed on the spot, on impulse. The arrangements are basic, and sparse - just accoustic guitars, bass and drums on most of the songs. This is not to overlook the fact that the people playing with John Martyn on this album are luminaries in their own right - Richard Thomson, Danny Thomson et al. Do not be fooled by the apparent simplicity of these wonderful songs, they deserve repeated listening. The high point of this album is the instrumental GLISTENING GLYNDEBOURNE, which has terrific work on bass and the first display of the famous echoplex technique on guitar which Martyn takes to greater heights on "RATHER BE THE DEVIL" on his SOLID AIR album. Get hold of this CD if you want to spend a half hour listening to soothing, genle songs sung by a vocalist of unparalleled ability.