Ocean Electro

  • MRL177
  • Release Date: March 23rd 2018
  • $17.99

Larissa Loyva first became entangled with Mint Records in 2005 with P:ano, her project with Nicholas Krgovich. Since then, she has had her hand in a boatload of projects including Fake Tears and The Choir Practice, and has served as a touring member of Destroyer and How To Dress Well. Loyva has also released two solo albums on Mint under the name Kellarissa, which is Finnish for “in the basement”. This project returns in 2018 with Ocean Electro, proposing a new genre which entangles femme psych-electronica with driving synth-pop. The album is dedicated to the planet’s mysterious forces, namely the ocean, in all its metaphorical and natural powers. Citing influences as diverse as Vi Subversa, Pulp, Christopher Isherwood, Visage, and an entire poem by Sylvia Plath, this album features sophisticated and ethereal vocals that bring to mind Molly Nilsson or the West Coast experimental pop of White Poppy. While continuing to explore the endless possibilities of using loops to compose, beginning with 2008’s Flamingo, Ocean Electro adds driving bass and an infectious buoyancy. It effortlessly embodies menace, joy and determination—while dark tides churn, Kellarissa reminds us to stay attuned to the lift to come, for a future less determined by clever men.

• Solo synth-pop album from Larissa Loyva (P:ano, Destroyer, How To Dress Well, Fake Tears, The Choir Practice)
• For fans of Molly Nilsson, White Poppy, Vi Subversa (Poison Girls), Pulp, and Visage