Killing Joke

Revelations (Ltd Pic Disc)

  • carolr056lp
  • LP
  • Release Date: January 9th 2017
  • $34.99 $26.24

Limited Picture Disc - 1000 Copies.

Killing Joke's third album, Revelations which was first issued in 1982. It is a joyous and original body of work. Sounding as if it was recorded in some mad, dub chamber, Revelations reveals many artsy, staccato pleasures. "Dregs", "Land of Milk and Honey" and "The Pandys are Coming" blend stream-of-consciousness lyrics with blaring, distorted guitars and punchy drumming. Jaz Coleman has never sounded more confused and happy. This translates to the listener in the form of dark, fun soundscapes.

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