Leonard Cohen

Songs From The Road

  • 886977590825
  • CD
  • Release Date: November 26th 2013
  • $21.99

leonard cohen's second album from 1969 maintained the haunting strengths of its predecessor. his hypnotic, murmured voice retains its compelling power and the content on songs from a room proves equally resonant. where another pensive singer-songwriter might warp his craft with bathos, cohen injects his work with mature insight, using metaphor and poetic insight to enhance his craft. superb acoustic guitarwork weaves a path throughout the bewitching melodies, enhancing the singer's spell, although cohen's self-deprecating humour is equally prevalent, particularly on the singalong 'tonight will be fine'. 'songs from a room' captures every facet of cohen's inestimable talent - it's a magnificent collection of songs of solitude, despair and resignation.