• CD-SLANG-50136
  • Release Date: November 3rd 2017
  • $13.99

Danish / Finnish band Liima (featuring all three members of Efterklang) release their second album, 1982 via City Slang.

Liima was born as much of breaking old habits as building new habits, and their second album, 1982, provides a masterclass in pushing beyond one’s established comfort zones. 1982 finds Liima - musically and lyrically – exploring themes that shaped their youth while looking forward to a future in times that feel as uncertain as they ever might have been, and in which we all struggle to find our identity. Amidst the contemplation and questioning, the musicians stake their claim firmly to both their new band and their new sound. For a band originally founded upon enthusiastic acts of spontaneity, 1982 represents a huge, sophisticated leap forward. The decision to form Liima may have been as bold and radical as their new sound, but the consequences speak for themselves.