Lowell George

Thanks I'll Eat it Here

  • A 213194
  • Release Date: February 9th 2014
  • $32.99

180 Gram Vinyl Remastered. Thanks I'll Eat it Here is strikingly different from the fusion-leanings of Little Feat's last studio album, Time Loves a Hero. Lowell George never cared for jazz-fusion, so it should be little surprise that there's none to be heard on Thanks. Instead, he picks up where Dixie Chicken left off (he even reworks that album's standout "Two Trains"), turning in a laid-back, organic collection of tunes equal parts New Orleans R&B, country, sophisticated blues, and pop. George wasn't in good health during the sessions for Thanks, which you wouldn't tell by his engaging performances. Out of the nine songs on the album, only three are originals, and they're all collaborations.