Kicking A Dead Pig

  • CHEM057CD
  • CD
  • Release Date: March 18th 2008
  • $13.99

Back in stock. While Mogwai's approach to the art of noise-making has always stemmed from the sound of a horribly mistreated electric guitar, they've never been reticent about declaring their enthusiasm for the experimental, ear-bending strains of underground electronica. Hence, Kicking A Dead Pig—now a double CD remix album comprising the original release and the Mogwai Fear Satan EP—which takes tracks from Mogwai's first two full-length releases, Ten Rapid and Mogwai Young Team, and hands them to a crack team of international noise terrorists for some extreme reworkings. Alec Empire's vicious junglist assault on "Like Herod (Face The Future Remix)" is by some distance the most decibel-laden excursion, but much here takes cunningly alternate routes to rewiring your synapses: Hood's "Like Herod" winds out the song's brooding, pre-noise segment into a edge-of-your-seat haunter, all the more chilling because the foundation-rocking explosions of the original never come, while fellow Scots Arab Strap meld a series of Mogwai curiosities into a sleepy dreamscape on "Gwai On 45". There's no beating My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields explosion of "Mogwai Fear Satan", though, which extends Mogwai's masterwork out into a grand, psychedelic 16 minutes of bubbling feedback and juggernaut Krautrock grooves.