Move D


  • AVA.LP006
  • Release Date: June 8th 2018
  • $26.99

Handcrafted and remastered 2LP edition of Move D's seminal masterpiece. Originally released on Source Records in 1994, then on CCO and now reissued by AVA. Records in 2018.

"All tracks recorded by David Moufang at reSource Studio in 1994, except: "Sandman", recorded at the Blue Room in 1992, "Trist" recorded at Future Planet in 1994 (co-produced by strange Michael), "Seven" recorded at reSource Studio in 1993.

Armchair photographed by Gabi Kaiser, Lossen Foto Heidelberg. Arrangement and variations by Move D, Cebra and Env. Artwork re-creation by Damiano von Erckert for AVA. Records.

Thanks to Juri Bader, Patrick Forgacs, Götz Gramlich, Denise, Dan, Louis and Pete."