SD Biomix

  • OM0319_1
  • Release Date: May 3rd 2019
  • $7.99

Max Allison co-runs the label Hausu Mountain and performs as part of the improvisational Chicago noise group Good Willsmith with Natalie Chami (TALsounds) and Doug Kaplan (MrDougDoug). SD Biomix is his new solo recording under the name Mukqs, and while still rooted in improvisation, it feels increasingly like microscopic moment-to-moment sound collage music, where dedicated listening is rewarded. Some surprising compositions rise out of Max’s process, like the beautiful harmonic opening to “Distributing Mementos” that abruptly cuts into MIDI slap bass, horn, and drum machine, or the intricate mixture of melody and free rhythm on “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”. The seven minute “All Seven Gods of Fortune” contains many of the albums concepts in one piece, starting with rhythmic patterns and chopped MIDI melodies that seem connected but fractured, as if a pop song has been blasted apart and then melded back together with each piece in a random order. I might have a biased view, but the album sits beside the new school of Japanese electronic artists like toiret status, Koeosaeme, DJWWWW, and Foodman (who Max referenced as an influence). They share a joy in discovery and show how this electronic language can achieve depth through playfulness and experimentation.

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