1-800 DINOSAUR Presents Trim

Trim's return could hardly be any more timely, reminding anyone who's listening of grime's weirder, fringe, outsider roots rather than its arguably putative status as festival soundtrack for middle management dribbling cider and ket in a soggy field. Each beat is a custom fit for Trim's asymmetric bars and inimitable flow, seemingly lifting the grid to suit his kerning syllables and sawn-off lines, from the warped sino styles of Airhead's beat to Stretch thru Happa's rugged, off-kilter but playfully daft beat on Before I Lied or Boothroyd displaying the versatility of his sound with a recycled lick off his Maxsta EP into the pirouetting menace of No Manners. In choosing not to work with his usual producers (we say usual, but he's had stacks over the years), or at least this with particular posse of prism-shifters, Trim may well lose some followers, but at the same time he's likely to gain a load more, making him some sort of Corbyn-like grime captain in terms of his willingness to work with new generations whilst holding his OG integrity.