Panda Bear

A Day With The Homies

  • RUG882T
  • Indie exclusive.
  • $16.99

A new 5 track 12” vinyl only EP from Animal Collective founding member and solo artist Noah Lennox a.k.a. Panda Bear.

Panda Bear has announced a new EP titled A Day With the Homies, which is out January 12 as a vinyl-only release via Domino Records. The EP is the first record from Panda Bear since 2015, when he released Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper and an EP, Crosswords. In a statement on Animal Collective’s Instagram, Panda Bear gives some insight into the inspiration for the record: “The songs aren’t lyrically linear or narrative as such, though I did scatter pieces of longer-chewed themes across the tracks. I find they still work satisfactorily alone, but strengthen each other’s messages when combined.” He adds, “I hoped to make something without frills or much embellishment, principally because I’ve found more fluff tends to equal less power.”

Panda bear a day with the homies packshot