Antony and The Johnsons

Another World

  • SC193lp
  • LP
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back in stock on vinyl on secretly canadian. antony and the johnsons release the 5 track 'another world' mini album - it's the first release since the mercury prize winning album 'i am a bird now' which became a critical and commercial sensation in 2005 and landed on best of 2005 lists internationally. on the environmentally conscious title track, 'another world', describes a place that is disappearing. antony's inimitable voice, mesmerizing piano and intimate arrangements punctuate the ideas on the ep. 'shake that devil' showcases his bluesy wail and its drone is soon replaced with a driving vintage r&b beat that illustrates the lyrics' ferocity. the ep's cover is a startling portrait of butoh co-founder and japanese dance legend kazuo ohno taken by pierre-olivier deschamps in 1984 at paris theatre du chatelet. ohno is known for his playful and grotesque imagery and butoh's white body makeup.