Behind The Counter with Max Richter

3CD - Rough Trade Exclusive. 36 Track Mixed Triple CD Version with bonus CD featuring a selection of unmixed tracks pulled from the LP track listing.

3LP+ - Rough Trade Exclusive. 33 Track Unmixed Triple 180 Gram Transparent green coloured vinyl with 7". It comes with a Download of the Mixed Version. The bonus 7" features two Max Richter tracks - Whale Window Hotel and Farewell Threshold Laudanum.

Rough Trade Shops Present Behind the Counter with Max Richter. This spectacular compilation put together by much-loved British composer Max Richter is the first in Rough Trade Shop's Behind the Counter series, in which some of our favourite artists create mixes especially for us using the records we sell on the shop floor.

As big fans of Max, Rough Trade invited him to curate a mix, knowing he would pick out some unexpected gems. The result is a 36-track (on CD) and 33-Track (On Vinyl) compilation of soundbites, pieces of composition, interesting mixes and curious musical choices including tracks from Mogwai, Boards of Canada, Philip Glass, Aphex Twin and Low among some classical works by Rachmaninoff and Bach.

The Rough Trade LP exclusive green vinyl version comes complete with an added bonus 7". A much loved rarity, the music on this exclusive 7" comes from Max's cult 2008 score for the film Henry May Long. Over the years it has been equally influential among musicians as the much better known Waltz with Bashir from the same period. With Henry May Long, Max brought a completely new instrumental grammar to film music.

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