Mano Negra

Best Of Mano Negra

Because Music present a reissue of Best Of Mano Negra, a "best of" compilation originally released in 1998. With many influences, the musicians of "La Mano" created a peculiar sound, a rock-salsa-raï-reggae-rap cocktail which they baptized "Patchanka". Manu Chao, who wrote lyrics, gives to the Patchanka a more personal definition: "a popular dance with apache lyrics and chorizo spirit". The band started touring across France in October 1987 and rapidly established a solid reputation. A few months later, when the second record Puta's Fever was released in 1989, the success was obvious. Tracks sung in French, Spanish, and Arabic, "Pas Assez De Toi", "King Kong Five", and "Sidi H'Bibi" became immediate hits. After a long live-cruise in 1992 along the South American coasts, Mano Negra went back to France and separated in 1994. It's hard to tell the impact of Mano Negra across French and Spanish speaking countries, with many particular experiences of the people who saw them on their tours. Includes a 16-page booklet