Dwight Trible


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  • $15.99
  • Limited edition cosmic colored vinyl.
  • $32.99
  • Standard black vinyl.
  • $29.99

The godfather of the LA sound and one of the world's greatest living jazz vocalists, Dwight Trible, returns with his masterpiece, Mothership. Available here on very limited edition cosmic colored double LP, standard black double LP, and CD.

Mothership is a tour de force that reveals Dwight’s kinship with spiritualism. Recorded at LA’s Sunset Sound, and backed by a band of legendary musicians (including Kamasi Washington), this is a timeless collection of songs performed, recorded, mixed and mastered in a fashion faithful to its heritage.

Kamasi Washington states, “It was such an honor to play on Dwight Trible's album. His singing has inspired me since I was 15 years old. He has a way of bringing such a unique life and feel to every song that he sings. His voice has power, soul, and beauty, qualities that all us horn players strive for. Thank you Dwight for having me on this masterful piece of art.”

LPx2+ - Double LP on limited edition cosmic colored vinyl.

LPx2 - Standard Double LP

CD - Standard CD