Ed Harcourt

Beyond The End

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  • Black Vinyl housed in Gatefold Sleeve with Download.
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Ed Harcourt releases Beyond The End, his eighth studio album, and his first for Point Of Departure. It is his first fully instrumental album. The album, which follows Furnaces, his 2016 album for Polydor, sees Ed Harcourt add another new string to his multi-faceted musical bow. Something of a left-turn after its busy, big-screen, somewhat under-appreciated predecessor, it sees the supremely versatile singer, writer and all-round instrumentalist bravely eschew vocals and lyrics and create a soft-spoken yet emotionally loquacious group of piano-led instrumentals, as if sound-tracking an as yet invisible film, or responding to today’s ferocious shouting match of a planet with a mesmerizing, meditative calm.


EXCLUSIVE! Join Ed as he discusses the creative and recording processes explored during the creation of new instrumental album Beyond The End.

LP - Black Vinyl housed in Gatefold Sleeve with Download.

CD - Standard Jewel Case.

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