Saint Etienne

Good Humor

  • HVNLP71
  • $28.99

saint etienne have unbelievable musical cred. indie-poppers love them for covering the field mice's twee classic 'kiss and make up' and rediscovering the reclusive '80s girl group the dolly mixture. electroniacs dig them for being early movers in the disco revival. everybody else loves them for being our generation's abba. but it wasn't enough—they wanted to cash in on the northwest grunge scene by signing to sub pop! fear not. good humor is a far cry from grunge. it is the cleanest, lightest, loveliest confection to grace any american label in ages, let alone the heavy, crunchy one. longtime saint etienne fans will notice the clean focus of the electronic arrangements on good humor as well as the fancy horn section and the amazing, woozy bass playing of their swedish producer, tore johansson. haul this record out to bring back your favorite summer day or when you're wishing life were like a mentos commercial.