Return of the Boom Bap

  • l-FB5180-2
  • Gold w/ 7"
  • $29.99

KRS-One's album, Return of the Boom Bap. Available here on exclusive gold vinyl with bonus 7"

Stripping away the intricate production of the final Boogie Down Productions album, Sex and Violence, Return of the Boom Bap saw the already iconoclastic rapper return to the bare bones, gritty territory of his landmark masterpiece Criminal Minded. KRS-One’s delivery, too, burned with a reinvigorated fury, spitting out his rhymes with pummeling cadences and world-wise intelligence. Although the record isn’t as focused on social activism and political protest as the latter Boogie Down albums, KRS-One never made his lyrics simplistic, nor did he turn his back on what could now be called prescient social commentary. The combination of raw beats and emotion-driven rhymes made Return of the Boom Bap a genuine come back for KRS-One, one of the founding figures of modern hip-hop.