Club Dread

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Majetic's album Club Dread. Available here on Clear Colored LP, Standard LP, CD and Cassette.

Club Dread is not club music. The production on Majetic’s new album alludes to various dance genres but never quite embodies them. Similarly, the characters populating its ten twilit tracks orbit the nightlife without taking to the dance floor. Amorphous and peripheral, it's music for the sidewalks adjacent the club—a score for the bittersweet comedowns.

Dystopian tension is present throughout Club Dread, and Majetic’s vision of the club is less defined by paradise than it is by vulnerability. But even as the album combs the margins of tragedy, it feels devoted to healing. In the closing track, Majetic captures this quiet conviction, singing “Club Dread like nothing bleeds / like baby gets what baby needs / like violence couldn’t find us underground.”

LP+ - Clear Colored LP.

LP - Standard LP.

CD - Standard CD.

Tape - Standard Cassette.