Dance Music

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  • Black Vinyl.
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Rough Trade Albums of the Year 2018 No. 17

Mastersystem release their debut album Dance Music, via Physical Education.

Mastersystem are a project comprised of two musical siblings, a collaborative effort featuring Scott Hutchison and Grant Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit), Justin Lockey (Editors), James Lockey (Minor Victories). The story starts back when Frightened Rabbit recruited a couple of straight-up filmmakers and fine fellas from Yorkshire to follow them around on their tour of the Scottish Highlands. The two filmmakers spent time photographing mountains while Frightened Rabbit smashed out the classics to adoring crowds. The filmmakers were Justin and James Lockey and this trip would be the beginning of a long creative relationship between the two sets of brothers. Due to the respective schedules of band members’, the album finally came together at the end of 2017. Produced by Justin Lockey, Dance Music is a dark, honest, soaring album, exactly what one might expect if Frightened Rabbit, Editors and Minor Victories combined forces.

LP - Standard Black Vinyl.

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