People Plus


  • INC-003
  • $12.99

Earthy, grubbing, latin house styles from a new duo on Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery’s Incienso label

“People Plus are CZ Wang and Joli B., signalling from a studio and or Hut in some remote location. Their debut EP consists of three trips into time in just as many styles.

Side A belongs to “Olympus Mons”, a song as big as the mountain its named from. Snake charmer synth lines and vocal roars backed by the baddest rhythm section in a while… wait for the solo! The B side holds “Work It Out”, with broken 4-off-the-floor drumz and revving echo effects. Taking the coveted B1 spot is the always dancefloor smashing “Second Cycle” - A verified banger that opens up with ground shaking acidish filter bubbles, and closes somewhere way up above the clouds.”

Featured in: Dance Wall