Muddy Waters

She’s All Right / Sad, Sad Day

  • TMR469
  • $6.99

Third Man dive into the rich history of Chicago blues label Chess Records.

With 3 never-before-reissued Muddy Waters singles. 2 of the 3 singles have only been issued on 10" shellacs, and this will be their first time on an authorized 7". Now housed in a re-imagined Chess Records company sleeve based on the 1950s inner label, these singles have been out of print for 60+ years and sound absolutely beautiful. Originally released as a 78rpm 10” shellac in 1953, Muddy Waters powers through no-frills folk blues A-side on She’s All Right, which would later be completely turned on its head incorporating full-on fuzzbox psychedelia on Waters’ blockbuster album Electric Mud.