Songs of Praise

  • Label Dead Oceans
  • Genre Rock-Pop
  • Released 01/12/18 01/12/18 01/12/18
  • Cat no DOC144CD DOC144LP-C1 DOC144LP

January 2018 #1 RT Album of the Month

Debut album from Shame, with Rough Trade Exclusive Bonus CD

Shame thrives on confrontation. Whether it be the seething intensity crackling throughout debut LP Songs of Praise or the adrenaline-pumping chaos that unfolds at Shame’s shows, it’s all fueled by feeling. Comprised of vocalist Charlie Steen, guitarists Sean Coyle-Smith and Eddie Green, bassist John Finerty, and drummer Charlie Forbes, the London-based five-piece began as school boys. From the outset, Shame built the band up from a foundation of DIY ethos while citing The Fall and Wire among its biggest musical influences. Utilizing both the grit and sincerity of that musical background, Shame carved out a niche in the South London music scene and then barreled fearlessly into the angular, thrashing post-punk that would go on to make up Songs of Praise, their Dead Oceans debut. From Gold Hole, a tongue-in-cheek takedown of rock narcissism, to lead single Concrete detailing the overwhelming moment of realizing a relationship is doomed, to the frustrated Tasteless taking aim at the monotony of people droning through their day-to- day, Songs of Praise never pauses to catch its breath. For fans of The Chameleons, Early U2, Happy Mondays, Echo and the Bunnymen and Alternative TV.

2CD - With bonus CD.

LP - Black Vinyl with Download plus Bonus CD

LP+ - Rough Trade Exclusive. Limited to 700 Copies on Pink Vinyl with Download plus bonus CD

LP++ - Limited Indie Shops only version on Sky Blue Vinyl with Download and Bonus CD.

Bonus CD Info

1. Lampoon (Lightship Edition)
2. Gold Hole (Lightship Edition)
3. One Rizla (Live at Off The Cuff)
4. Concrete (Live at Off The Cuff)
5. Dust On Trial (Live at Off The Cuff)


"I consider myself a "music guy" so for someone to introduce me to something mind-blowing, that I have not heard of before, is a challenge (just ask my family/friends when they try to introduce me to new music)! Your January album of the month, Shame "Songs of Praise" is not only probably going to be my favorite album of the year, but it is steadily growing to be one of my all-time favorite albums! I describe them as the musical love-child of Johnny Rotten and Joe Strummer (I know, that is an image to have in your head, right?). From that moment that I received the album, I have probably listened to that album about 50 times! I even had the pleasure of seeing them live in a tiny basement venue with about 20-30 other lucky listeners... They didn't come out and see that there were so few people in the crowd, they came out as if they sold out largest venue in the city! From the first note of Dust On Trial, to their final song Gold Hole, they played with the intense energy that their album brings out! Old souls in very young bodies, as they seemed to have played together for 20 years, so I am EXTREMELY excited to see what they have in store for us next! This album is just amazing! I can't believe that One Rizla was the very first song they wrote together, because that song is such a finely polished punk-pop gem and Concrete is such a kick in the stomach with the singer and bassist trading off lyrics, as if the 2nd vocal was the singers subconscious!" - Josh Nerat, Rough Trade US Club Member

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