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The Word

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Regaling a suite of bittersweet synth-pop vignettes and lop-sided house jams for refined East London listeners and beyond, ‘The Word’ is a charmingly well-tempered and dreamy set of eight songs about love, life, and the odd bits in between, expressed in a mixture of dusty analogue textures, mulky melodies and David Gray’s genteel vocal.

Its songs could just as easily cater a low key ‘floor as a box room apartment, woozily keening from lilting marimba and Zummo-esque brass blurs in ‘Save’, to sound like a slompy, lo-fi This Heat in standout number, ‘The Hours I Wait’, whereas the airborne waltz of ‘Paparazzi Stakeout’ feels to reclaim Kompakt Pop Ambient styles from OCD-clean coffee tables. It’s hard not to be seduced by the balmy boogie loucheness of their instrumental ‘Father Brown’, but they’re definitely at best when it all comes together, with Gormley’s melodies, Gray’s vocals, and Jon Aumann’s lyrics at their creamiest and curious in the closing title track.