Brian Eno

Taking Tiger Mountain

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  • 140 gram 2017 US exclusive edition.
  • $19.99

Continuing the twisted pop explorations of Here Come the Warm Jets, Eno's follow up album, Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), is more subdued and cerebral, and a bit darker when he does cut loose, but it's no less thrilling once the music reveals itself. It's a loose concept album about espionage, the Chinese Communist revolution, and dream associations, with the more stream-of-consciousness lyrics beginning to resemble the sorts of random connections made in dream states. Eno's richly layered arrangements juxtapose very different treated sounds, yet they blend and flow together perfectly, hinting at the directions his work would soon take with the seamless sound paintings of Another Green World.

2LP - Limited. The original album is split over two 180-gram LPs which play at 45rpm housed within expanded Gatefold sleeve packaging also including Obi, Download Voucher and Abbey Road Half Speed Master certificate.

Featured in: Tyler's Albums of the Year 2017