The Essex Green

Hardly Electronic

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  • Indie Exclusive Peak Colored LP.
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The Essex Green's album Hardly Electronic. Available here on Indie Exclusive Peak Colored LP, Standard LP and CD.

Hardly Electronic explores the evolution of old friendships, the sadness of losing touch, the inadequacies of technology, and finally, the desire for reconnection with songs like “Bye Bye Crow” and “Slanted by Six.” Themes of connectivity for the online generation are on display in the war cry chorus of “Don’t Leave It in Our Hands,” while songs like “Bristol Sky” and “January Says” hint at how the same technology-connected culture can create division and distance, even in the most personal of relationships. On the flip side, the wonders of technology (and jumbo jets) made the recording possible. With Bell living in Montana, Ziter in Vermont, and Baron on the river, finding ways to work together was challenging. The result is classic Essex Green sonic diversity.

LP+ - Indie Exclusive Peak Colored LP.

LP - Standard LP.

CD - Standard CD.

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