Paul McCartney

Tug Of War

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Released in 1982, Tug of War is an interesting album from Paul McCartney. Not only is it the first album he released after the break-up of Wings but it sees McCartney working with Beatles producer George Martin again- for the first time since Abbey Road in 1969 (with the exception of Martin producing "Live at Let Die" in 1973). Now almost two decades after the release of Please Please Me, this was the final product the two came up with. Tug of War is considered by many to be one of Paul’s best and I would agree. Hit singles came out of “Ebony and Ivory” and “Take It Away.” The former is a duet with Stevie Wonder while the latter is a catchy, fun ska-flavored track. There are some wonderful album tracks on this album such as the 1950’s rock n roll of “Ballroom Dancing,” the funky “What’s That You’re Doing” and the powerful “Wanderlust.” Aside from “Take It Away,” my personal favorite song on the album is “Here Today,” a song Paul had written as a tribute to his former bandmate John Lennon, who was tragically murdered in late 1980. Paul was in the studio recording material for the album when he first heard of Lennon’s death. The lyrics are heartfelt, as McCartney expresses his admiration and love for his late songwriting partner.