Ty Segall

Fudge Sandwich

  • ITR 326 CD ITR 326 LP ITR326X
  • $14.99
  • US Yellow Vinyl Version
  • $17.99
  • Limited UK Color. 500 Copies Only.
  • $32.99

Ty Segall's album Fudge Sandwich. Available here on US Yellow Vinyl and CD.

Equal parts reverence and reimagination, this album shows Segall inhabiting the world of a song’s intent, filtering it through the muse that drove this year’s exceptional Freedom’s Goblin. Cluttered, passionate and inspired, the songs are barely recognizable, irresistible and by album’s end, present a cohesive collection that stands proudly alongside the best of Segall’s considerable output.

LP+ - LP+ - Limited UK Colour. 500 Copies Only.

LP - US Yellow Vinyl.

CD - Standard CD.

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