"Where With Love gushed and sprawled, Ultra is like its pinched, screwfaced come-down, cycling from the cascading sci-fi bleeps and foreboding female vocal in Reflection to a sodden conclusion with Tenkyuu, fading in and out of its 14 cuts with a film editor's sleight of hand or anime storyteller's framing learnt from too many late nights in a haze of green and locked to the glow of a screen. And when we say UK, we mean it in the way that any smart cxnt knows: that British music is deeply syncretic, magpie; picking and choosing from anywhere it likes to sate a need for newness, rufige, romance, madness - all at once - as well worn in the mixture of gothic Belgian and London-Jamaican tones with Burst or the US/UK binds of Fly 2, and the cyber dimensions with the stepping string ciphers of E.S.P., whilst his Sweetz link-up with Burial feels to blend road level US, South American and UK flexes with beguiling, transcendent style."