Penguin Cafe

Union Cafe

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  • Indie exclusive clear colored vinyl.
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This re-mastered and re-packaged edition of the 1993 Penguin Cafe Orchestra album Union Cafe is now available on Erased Tapes. Union Cafe turned out to be the last collection of new material the original Penguin Cafe Orchestra recorded. This album retains the intimacy and charm of all previous works, featuring a recording of the electric Aeolian harp on Cadbury Hill, Somerset, and a piece dedicated to the memory of John Cage recorded at the Real World recording week in 1992. Union Cafe is a vigorous re-statement of traditional Penguin musical values. The African inheritance was again rearranged in Kora Kora; Venezuelan cuatro strums infused Lifeboat; the sound of the deep South of America was subtly hinted at in Nothing Really Blue.

Featured in: Label Focus - Erased Tapes