Natacha Atlas

5 Album Box Set

  • bbqcd2103
  • CDx5
  • Release Date: July 4th 2016
  • $14.99

Cheap 5 CD set - Remastered in Clamshell Box. This set is a straightforward re-package of Natacha's first five solo albums. As a solo artist and as singer with Trans Global Underground, the Anglo- Egyptian singer has spent more than two decades fusing electronic beats with North African and Arabic music, finding links between seemingly disparate musical genres, exploring new and different sonic settings and working with a wealth of like-minded collaborators from across the world along the way. The resulting body of work is both a triumph of true multiculturalism and a testament to the richness and accessibility of Arabic culture. It is, indeed, an oeuvre unlike any other. Presiding over it all, of course, is Atlas' extraordinary voice. Meltingly sensuous and gloriously passionate, delicate with melisma and microtones, it bridges Middle Eastern and Western styles with instinctive ease.