Ned Doheny


  • BEWITH 005LP
  • 180 Gram Vinyl.
  • Release Date: June 21st 2019
  • $31.99

Be With Records present the first ever officially licensed reissue of Ned Doheny's Prone, originally released in Japan only in 1979. Aficionados rate Ned Doheny's Prone as his finest achievement. This sophisticated masterpiece has been unavailable on vinyl for over 35 years, so Be With Records pressed it on audiophile 180 gram vinyl and restored the original Japanese artwork for both jacket and classic lyric-insert. Featuring the superior full-vocal version of "To Prove My Love". Ned Doheny's crowning glory, even better than the superlative Hard Candy (1976). So quite why this AOR/soft-funk gem has not been available legitimately on vinyl for over 35 years is anyone's guess. A forgotten-funk classic. What makes this release truly special is the inclusion of the full-vocal version of jazz-funk classic "To Prove My Love". It's what you've all been waiting for. Produced again by the legendary Steve Cropper, Prone's super-smooth grooves showcase Ned's beautifully laid-back vocals, virtuoso playing and forever-wry lyricism. Aside from "To Prove My Love", it boasts some of Doheny's most under-appreciated tracks: witness the slickness of "Think Like A Lover", "Guess Who's Lookin' For Love Again", and "Funky Love". 180 gram vinyl; Features the original artwork for both jacket and lyric-insert.