Neon Indian

Era Extrana

  • LP-MP-033P
  • Picture Disc.
  • Release Date: November 9th 2018
  • $27.99

Dreampop pioneer and flaming lips collaborator neon indian releases his new album 'era extrana' on transgressive records. 'era extrana' sees the chillwave wizard boldly step out from the synth surf just enough to make himself heard. previous work focused on the hooksome grooves of drum vs. synth, all but buring the vocals but here alan palomo clears his throat and sings out. there's more of an electro-pop angle here which is rooted in vintage 80s synth work and while the production is still lush and blurred by echo and reverb it's a true pleasure to hear the drums hit a little harder and the melodies a little clearer. the result is a crucial pop album that makes you dance and stare wistfully as the sunset falls on a lost summer.