RE - Collections

  • Release Date: March 16th 2018
  • $9.99

June Cassette of the Month
Nothing_Neue's RE - Collections. Available here on Cassette.

Nothing_Neue makes his impressive debut with a collection of rich and luscious instrumentals. Recorded solely in his parents’ basement, Brooklyn born Omar Jones brings an expansive set of textures and tastes to the table. A diverse array of analog synthesizers coupled with mixes of African & Asian percussions serve as a bed for Jones groove driven suites. Pulling multiple elements from House and Dance including tempos and movement of the sounds music as well Hip Hop with his selection of drum breaks, Re:Collections is an outstanding and bouncy introduction to the dread-headed Brooklynite.

Omar on the album: "This is RE - Collections, a collage of memories spanning the last year. Featuring music written during different points of this eventful year, ever song reflects a memory, an emotion or an experience. As personal as this project is to me, let it resonate and take its own shape within you."

Tape - Standard Cassette.

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